Crown Public proudly distributes clean, exquisite, and select cannabis and cannabis extracts from Humboldt County. We work hand in hand with a select group of dedicated farmers and manufacturers to bring pure, clean, and simple cannabis products to market. Our network of farmers and manufacturers work tirelessly to grow and manufacture the cleanest and most exquisite cannabis products. Our farmers understand the importance of transparency and work. Having farmers who understand the importance of pesticide free cannabis is only the beginning of the process. The pesticide free plant waste generated from our cannabis farms can then be utilized to bring consumers other exciting pesticide free extracts such as: premium Rosin, organic ethanol distillate, infused edibles, and healing topical creams. We take pride in offering premium, clean, and potent cannabis which is not only consumed recreationally but also for the healing benefits. As a founder in Crown Public I can personally attest to the healing benefits of our clean, potent cannabis. Our cannabis has changed the way I look at life and it lets me enjoy life and live in the now.

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